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Laurel Autism Family Project

Connecting parents with effective autism programs.

About The Laurel Foundation Family Project

The Laurel Foundation created the Laurel Autism Family Project, a web application, to assist parents of autistic children to find helpful therapies and programs. The application gathers data anonymously from parents regarding their child’s behaviours, therapies and progress and then allows parents to compare their current programs’ helpfulness with others. By comparing the progress of children with similar profiles, parents may choose to pursue treatment programs that others in similar circumstances have found helpful. The application will then connect parents with free online resources to assist in their child’s ongoing development.

Kyron’s Story

How The Project Works

Sign Up

By participating in the project, you contribute valuable information about the helpfulness of therapies to other parents.

Your Profile

Create an anonymous profile with your child’s current autistic characteristics and program(s) along with key demographic data that will ultimately assist in identifying the most helpful program for your child’s needs.

Status Updates

You can update your profile as your child’s behaviours, therapies, or progress changes.


The more families who participate in the project, the larger the information pool of helpful therapies for children, and the most successful therapies for your child’s specific needs will be identified.